Top 5 Free Ideas to Promote Your Business Locally

Promote Your Business Locally

Every businesses promoting locally is so important because these days for the ever growing socially conscious consumer. As we know that as a business owner, advertising can get quickly and expensive! So many business owners have not enough budget when they are just starting out, so I wanted to share some great helpful ideas to promote your business locally for free. 

Once upon a time you could just take out an advertisement in your local news paper, flyers, banners and feel confident that you had done a great job of marketing or advertisement and that people were seeing it.

However, Now a day most engaging platforms like Facebook, YouTube like social media platforms came along and many small business owners are taking marketing or advertising into their own hands.

As we fill and see readership is down worldwide for traditional print magazines and papers. People are getting their news online and on their phone instantly through social media.  While we all might miss those “simpler” days, it also has been very beneficial for business owners because it will be perfect ideas to promote your business locally for free .

Here we share top 10 helpful ideas to promote your business locally, without paying a single coin.

1. Be Active on Social Media to promote your business locally

It is the best way to promote your business locally and free. Today people invest their most of the time on Social Media. On social media, you can promote any news, events, advertisement about your business !

You can engage with your audience as well as post or content through the most common media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.

With Facebook and Instagram, you can search local hashtags and engage with those posts!

promote your business locally
Be Active on Social Media to promote your business locally

You can literally see people who are nearby and engage with them by giving yourself a few minutes each day to do. 

2. Putting Your Business on Local Directories

Now a day Google is the biggest search engine where people search any thing to solve their problems and one of the best ways local businesses can be found online is by adding their company to top online business directories like google or others.

Creating and maintaining a Google Business Profile can yield incredible and nearly instantaneous results for your business locally! It is also most important to get your business verified on Google.

Not sure about how to do that? Reach out to me! I’d be glad to help you!

Now, Google is not the only player in town!

There are so many popular online directories like Justdial, Indiamart, Trip Advisor, LinkedIn, Yelp, Facebook etc. Make sure you place your details on all of them, because if you are only posting on these top few, then you will be missing an opportunity to be found by customers and clients who are searching to get service or products.

Tip: Make sure your business information are consistent across all directories!

3. Ask for Online Reviews to promote your business locally

Making sure your business presents online that would be an awesome first impression on people researching your business online. It is also a very smart consideration!

When you set up accounts with online directories like Justdial and TripAdvisor, having a consistent system to ask your customers and clients to write their reviews about your business!

Customers reviews also help us to improve our business and getting idea or suggestion . Most of the time, asking is enough to motivate customers to write a positive review. Include a call to action in the bottom by inserting an easy link for them to write a review!

With every customer interaction it is a good idea to encourage new customers to write a review or recommendation. Asking for a review right after a purchase your products or services or an interaction with you keeps the experience fresh in their minds.

4. Build a Perfect Website that Adds Value and is Easy To Use!

If you want to targeting customers locally or all over the world, your website should clearly explain what you do, be easy to find and navigate, and be attractive. The basic important of your website is to make a conversion! Whether that is generating a new lead or customer, a conversion should be your goal!

Let’s consider a few points.

👉 Does your website communicate your brand identity clearly?

👉 Is it details explain your business with attractive and creative graphics and content?

👉 Is it friendly for mobile users?

👉 Are you website SEO (search engine optimization)?

One the great thing is a few small changes to website text can boost your rankings on search engines. For example, simply adding locations to your keywords that improve your rankings!

Have you not website yet? Reach out to me! I’d be glad to help you!

5. Hosting Events, Quiz or Demo’s

Adding value to your prospects in advance often leads to more business! You can do this easily and cheaply by hosting online or in-person events, quiz or demo’s! It will frequently and consistently can be huge for raising awareness and promoting sales too!

A great way to do this is by talking to your customers about common problems or questions they have and then formulating a way to teach how to overcome those common problems through your event(s).

To promoting your business locally, you are likely a subject matter expert and likely know the answers to most of your customers’ problems or doubts. Whatever you know, use it to build trust with customers.

Focus on how you can help others with a short class demonstrating or events to solve a problem. At the same time, you get a chance to show your expertise and showcase specific products.

Create a clear call to action for customers who attend. Set up a display with all the products used in the demo, and describe more about your business. It will the most important to get details like name, mobile number, address, email id etc. to communicate and providing value or promotions.

I hope these top 5 tips have given you some great ideas to grow and promote your local business.

If you need help implementing any any of these ideas, please reach out to me!