Top 5 Hospital Marketing Strategies

According to one study, when you lose a patient, your business could lose up to Crores over its lifetime. Losses can be much bigger if there’s a significant underlying problem with the healthcare experiences you are offering to patients at every touch point. Whether your Hospital Marketing Strategies for a Physician, Dentist, Orthopedic Clinic or General Practitioner, consistent profitability for your practice having a patient retention strategy.

Every patient interaction, from the first call and appointment to treatment and follow-up, is an opportunity to make a positive impression and improve patient satisfaction. Here we are discussing top 5 Hospital Marketing Strategies to maximize patient retention and loyalty for your healthcare business:

1. Better communication is important for Hospital Marketing Strategies

Communication is the most important factor for patient satisfaction. As the patient interacts with you, your customer care support impact on care experience. Ensure your team is properly providing info and resolving concerns in a easy way.

2. Always available on phone

It is very important to always provide phone call facilities for 24 hours services and make sure there’s somebody to pick up all calls instead of sending callers to voicemail. It is build trust to communicate at any problems. It shows that your practice is reliable and available to speak with patients. If you not provide 24 hours services and receive off-hour patient messages, make sure to respond as soon as you open your office.

3. Best Appointment Scheduling is best Hospital Marketing Strategies

In this digital era use digital technology to allow your patients to book appointments online via your website or mobile app. The online appointment management system allows your patients to book an appointment any time from any where easily. It also help us to automated SMS or email appointment confirmations and reminders .

4. A Professional Website for Hospital

Now a day more than 50% of people have looked up health or medical information online. This data shows the importance of having an online presence for healthcare services or hospitals. Create a professional website with proper health information and services for your patients. Your website is a best source for patient retention as it can provide information between visits.

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5. Maintain Online Reputation

It is the very most important things to keep your reputation positive, because it can impact your patient retention and acquisition rates. Be proactive about this by encouraging responding, feedback and monitoring to patient reviews on Google, social media and review websites. According to one survey, 60% of people consider online reviews when choosing a hospital and doctors.

Finally best things for Hospital Marketing Strategies to establishing positive touch points throughout the patient journey impacts the likelihood of a patient staying with you for all of their healthcare needs. Not only do satisfied patients provide a consistent revenue stream for your hospital, but they’re also more likely to refer other patients to you.

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