Most popular Digital Advertising Platforms

digital advertising platforms.

There are lots of social media platforms used by people to share their photos, video and thoughts that also provide digital advertising platforms to show advertisements. The Facebook Ads platform is dedicated to social media advertising, and the Google Ads platform also spans other forms of digital advertising. We will focus on the social media advertising aspects of four digital advertising platforms.

1. Facebook Ads: Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp

Facebook ads is the most popular digital advertising platforms that show ads on Facebook, Instagram and messenger.

Now Facebook company is known as Meta. Facebook controls the most powerful advertising platform in the world, as it combines Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp together on the same infrastructure.

Most advertisers, however, will consider Facebook and Instagram to be two advertising platforms, and Messenger to be additional features. But at Whatsapp features to be coming soon for advertising.

Characteristics of the Facebook ads digital advertising platforms:

  • Massive reach
  • Very powerful targeting
  • Innovative and adaptive ad formats
  • Machine learning used to improve performance
  • Most controversial use of user data

Facebook Ads is the strongest social ads platform and is now also the backbone for advertising on Instagram and Messenger. According your campaign objective, the platform can activate one or more of its advertising channels like Facebook, Instagram and / or Messenger.

2. Google Ads: YouTube and Google Business Profile

Google is also a most popular platform to show advertisement. Although Google fails to make popular its own social media platform Google Plus. However, many consider YouTube to be a social media platform and the more recent Google Business Profile platform also has some social media resemblance that most popular for every people.

Characteristics of the Google Ads digital advertising platforms

  • Low cost to show ad on YouTube to most target audience.
  • Massive video reach on YouTube
  • Strong integration with the Google advertising technology networks.
  • Effective social-local advertising on Google Business Profile
  • Emerging platforms: Pinterest, Snapchat and other websites

The social media landscape is constantly changing. Recently the video-driven social media platform like Reels and TikTok has entered the scene in a popular way. Its closest competitor, Snapchat, had experienced spectacular growth. Now YouTube Short and Instagram Reels fill the gap of unviability of TikTok in some countries.

Emerging social advertising platforms:

Pinterest is the most creator of pin boards where can put images with content and graphics that share with others, is still going strong. It’s finding itself a positioning on social media, as it has the power to inspire users for your products and services. If the platform can generate more sales and connect to its advertising, it has strong arguments for attracting more advertisement to make more sales.

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3. LinkedIn Ads another digital advertising platforms

The LinkedIn advertising platform is the strong business focused platform. Its best platform for professionals. It’s increasingly integrating with the Microsoft Advertising platform and has access to a powerful technological of its mother company, Microsoft.

Characteristics of LinkedIn Ads:

  • Clear business focus
  • Strong targeting of professional audiences
  • Maturing platform
  • Reputation for high cost

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4. Twitter Ads

The Twitter advertising platform is not most powerful to show ads for largest audience as Facebook and Google Ads, but a Twitter marketing strategy can serve as a great add-on for other social media networks. The most engaging platform with top most leaders or business owners. Here you easily share your thoughts with tag with them. The quality of its user is not as good as the other platforms, but it is strong on topical targeting and for events.

Characteristics of the Twitter ad platform:

  • Lower volumes
  • Strong topical targeting
  • Specific communities and events
  • Reputation for low costs
  • Complementary to business activity on Twitter

Social media advertising is a mass media that can entertain, influence and engage its audiences. Social media platforms provide powerful targeting capabilities and innovative ad formats to make more sales.

Advertisers can start from small and scale to infinitely, but need to be very clear about their objectives or goal, to get the benefits of social ads. Choosing the right social network and reaching the right audience can be challenging, but the opportunity is huge and the benefits can be more or less.

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